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Vitamin I taking this daily. It gives me so much energy. And I noticed my nail we so much stronger and couldn't figure out why until I was reading this. - Bikini Fitness


Mussels have the most impressive nutritional profile of all shellfish - high levels of zinc, B-12, Vit C, omega-3, iron, folic acid and protein to name a few. And they are sustainable and affordable! ❤️ These were so delicious!


Vitamin B12 for Fibromyalgia

VITAMIN B12 FOR FIBROMYALGIA I take Vitamin B complex I am sure it helps in many ways to keep me balanced.


What Are The Best Non-Meat Sources Of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12: An important vitamin. What Is It And What Does It Do? How can one get Vit B12 when Vegans don't eat meat ?