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10 Sensory Christmas Activities for Children who are Blind!

Create a fun little snow man out of shredded recycled paper! Then use puff balls for the buttons. Googley eyes for the eyes and pre cut mouth and nose for those. The arms could be black toothpicks. The hat can be pre cut as well. This would be a great project for many ages, the older the kids get the less stuff will be pre cut out.

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Your very own bob and bob from phonics play - choose the words/ purpose. The children can see the words/ post them in the bin mouths! Is it a real word or alien/silly word? I love the iwb bob and bob but I have a visually impaired child who needs to see bigger font nice and close.

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We are always looking for fun sensory recipes to do at home. Here is one such idea - homemade flubber. Squeeze it. Squash it. Play with it. Hours of fun. And the best thing is, you make your own at…

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Sensory hoop. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

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Coding a LEGO Maze

Coding a LEGO Maze - Free, printable activity for teaching programming concepts to kids of all ages (K-12)

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Five Senses – Sense of Smell & Touch Activity

I made these Sense of Smell Swatches and Sense of Touch Boards last year for a early years class I was teaching. They were used as part of our Five Senses Unit. They were a hit! The kids loved to feel and smell the different boards and swatches as it gave them hands-on tactile objects to explore and manipulate.

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Bubble Wrap Mat {Sensory Activity for Baby}

bubble wrap mat. what a great idea. unless he/she falls face down. then again, it'd be stable & i'd wait until enough mobility was achieved.

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