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Vision Therapy Exercises for Kids

Eyegames: Easy and Fun Visual Exercises: An OT and Optometrist Offer Activities to Enhance Vision!

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iPad Apps for Vision Therapy

iPad Apps for Vision Therapy. Worth Looking Into! But remember that too much screen time without rest can cause eye strain.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists, teachers, and Parents will find this a resource in developmental information and treatment ideas in Fine Motor Development, Sensory Integration, Visual Perceptual Integration, and Developmental Milestones.


Solving this pencil themed grid maze requires more concentration than you might think. Help children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground skills with this free printable.


A child w/ strabismus lacks the ability to synchronize their eyes together as a team. 1 eye will turn in or out. But this is not an eye muscle issue. It is a visual brain coordination issue. Effective VT for strabismus must include all functions of the visually-directed motor & sensory functions of the pt. This can be thought of as VT-Synchronicity. Noah (w/ ET) doing a visually guided gross motor activity that helps him integrate the 2 halves of his body. ~from Wow Vision Therapy facebook…

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iPad Apps for Vision Therapy

iPad Apps for Vision Therapy

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Could you read if text looked like this? repinned by Moms

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Convergence Insufficiency, Not a Learning Disability

Convergence Insufficiency, Not a Learning Disability. Read all about how vision problems are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities in children in this blog post by a Victoria, BC Optometrist specializing in vision development.