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iPad Apps for Vision Therapy

iPad Apps for Vision Therapy could be fun but nothing replaces a real diagnosis from an expert in vision therapy. For those in the Charlotte NC area, Dr. Beasley is a vision therapy authority.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists, teachers, and Parents will find this a resource in developmental information and treatment ideas in Fine Motor Development, Sensory Integration, Visual Perceptual Integration, and Developmental Milestones.


Solving this pencil themed grid maze requires more concentration than you might think. Help children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground skills with this free printable.


A child w/ strabismus lacks the ability to synchronize their eyes together as a team. 1 eye will turn in or out. But this is not an eye muscle issue. It is a visual brain coordination issue. Effective VT for strabismus must include all functions of the visually-directed motor & sensory functions of the pt. This can be thought of as VT-Synchronicity. Noah (w/ ET) doing a visually guided gross motor activity that helps him integrate the 2 halves of his body. ~from Wow Vision Therapy facebook…


So what does working with Jonah’s retained primitive reflexes have to do with his eyes? Nothing! But it has everything to do with him responding effectively to his vision therapy that requires vision and motor responses. Persistent “retained” primitive reflexes result in reflexive movements that interfere with a child’s progress in vision therapy visual-motor activities. This is why... Read “Retained Primitive Reflexes”; visionhelp.wordpr...


Dyslexia Reversing Reversals:Orton Gillingham, sequence & tracking

Reversing Reversals is a great tool to help students with dyslexia correct word, letter and number reversals. It's also great for strengthening visual tracking and discrimination


Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Children cannot learn until basic needs are met. If a child is not seeing clearly, how can they be expected to make it to the top of the pyramid? Vision Screen Every Year.