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Virginity Breaking Videos

from The Independent

Mother and daughter share video defying fatwa on cycling in Iran

Cycling is considered a threat to chastity due to beliefs that it can break the hymen (used to "prove" virginity in females). Cycling may also lead to women wearing pants and becoming empowered, making men uncomfortable. Women are not supposed to spend much time in public or draw attention to themselves. The women wore hijabs and face veils out of fear and a desire to minimize any punishment from the morality police.

Picking a solid spouse podcast. Four married folks reflect on character qualities and hidden gems in their husbands and wives. And Dannah Gresh argues that girls need to "Get Lost" in God.

Virgin Media’s promo for its new fibre optic broadband channels the astonishing record-breaking speed of sprinter Usain Bolt. The result is as much an exciting 100-second tribute to human speed as it is to internet connectivity.


Madonna / Whore Complex: the deep dichotomy in modern culture used to oppress women via a sexual double standard, establishing rigid categories for female sexual behavior while permitting male sexual behavior to range from abstinence to promiscuity without similarly disparaging social justice. #feminism


DEMS ONLY LIKE LESBIANS, PRO-ABORTION AND COMMIE CHICKS: Tony Perkins, ‘It’s Democrats Who Wage War on Women’

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The 1975 // Robbers (Two of my favorite things)

The 1975 // Robbers I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, like majorly. It breaks my heart! And then the music video is just breath-taking. I love it.

from TechRadar

Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post

Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post | Virgin Media TV subscribers can now watch YouTube on channel 198 as the pay TV provider beats Freesat to the punch. Buying advice from the leading technology site

from the Guardian

Madonna at 50

Madonna - Like A Prayer video... breathtakingly beautiful.


Breaking my 1 minute Instagram virginity with a video of what me and @augusta.woods love to do best... GLUTES 🍑 As promised here is some exercises we did today. Our session consisted of back squats, smith machine step ups superset with goblet squats, glute pull throughs superset with hyper extensions with ankle weights and 1 leg leg press superset with 1 legged glute bridges. They'll be a dirty finisher to follow so keep your eyeballs peeled 👀 Happy hump day to you all 😊😊😊😊🍑🍑🍑🍑

from BBC News

How much of the science in Breaking Bad is real

The science of Breaking Bad