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Madonna / Whore Complex: the deep dichotomy in modern culture used to oppress women via a sexual double standard, establishing rigid categories for female sexual behavior while permitting male sexual behavior to range from abstinence to promiscuity without similarly disparaging social justice. #feminism

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The 1975 // Robbers (Two of my favorite things)

The 1975 // Robbers I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, like majorly. It breaks my heart! And then the music video is just breath-taking. I love it.


Virgin Media’s promo for its new fibre optic broadband channels the astonishing record-breaking speed of sprinter Usain Bolt. The result is as much an exciting 100-second tribute to human speed as it is to internet connectivity.

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Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post

Virgin Media pips Freesat to the YouTube channel post | Virgin Media TV subscribers can now watch YouTube on channel 198 as the pay TV provider beats Freesat to the punch. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Pop's 20 greatest female artists

1. Madonna Love her or loathe her, it would be hard to deny Madonna’s pole position as the greatest female pop star of our times. Her world-beating, shape-shifting, trend-setting and at times ground breaking pop music has covered the gamut of female archetypes: virgin, whore, wife, mother, witch, diva, saint, sinner and, in her most recent video incarnation, 50-year-old cheerleader, and put it all to dance beats and catchy hooks. She might not be the greatest singer, she may not be the…


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