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Vinh, Vietnam

This reminds me sooo much of a swing which me and ted always went on in thialand it swang from the beach and over the shore of the sea hx

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22 Must See Places in Asia

Read an extract from Dinah Jefferies novel, The Silk Merchant's Daughter, set in 1950s French Indochina.

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Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures

An unidentified American soldier wears a hand-lettered slogan on his helmet, June 1965. The soldier was serving with the 173rd Airborne Brigade on defense duty at the Phuoc Vinh airfield

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100 Vintage Travel Posters That Inspire to Travel The World

Vietnam Vintage Travel Poster - Ha Long Bay.


Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam visit instagram: @theglobalista twitter: @theglobalista


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Ha Long by Andrey Vinogradov Ha Long Bay (Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long, “descending…

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Take a look - if you can - at this terrifying new species of bat. Its Voldemort-like face helps it catch prey. Known as Griffin's Leaf Nosed bat, it was discovered in Vietnam by mammalogist Du Vinh Thong and his team. The creature's weird nose shape is to help with echolocation. Its official name is Hipposideros griffini.