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Vikings Tv Show Episodes

Lucy Lawless as a Valkyrie from Xena Warrior Princess. - FYI, as a student of Mythology, I HATED this show, but some of the costumes were pretty cool. Not to mention the loads of eye candy. Which still was not enough to get me to sit through a whole episode...

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I keep wondering whether the Anglo-Saxons or Danes had an interest in Roman history. After all, they must have stumbled across plenty of ruins, and maybe even a surviving building or two. It was gratifying to see the Viking TV show episode where King Ecbert revealed his Roman treasure trove to Athelstan. Why not? I'm sure the moderns aren't the only people interested in ancient history. So I was very interested to discover that it was thought that King Canute may have erected his Bosham…

Mmmm...nice. I love the Vikings pics from the tv show. Rollo played by Clive arm in the Universe! Photo: "The Vikings," History Channel, Season 2, Episode 1, fight scene "Brothers Battle."

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No, tattoos are not a modern fad, they exist as long as humanity does. And historical TV shows have started to illustrate it. Here on Vikings.

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,,How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar sufdered" - Ragnar Lothbrok

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