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Ragnar, played by Travis Fimmel. I thought it was Charlie Hunnam at first. They have a similar look and acting style.


Ancient boundaries are the strongest

GENETIC BOUNDARIES: 'A pioneering study into [Britain's] genetic heritage ... shows that up to 40 per cent of [British] DNA may be from Germanic ancestors, and not the Vikings, thanks to the Anglo-Saxon migrations in 450-600AD. The project, carried out by Oxford University, is particularly interesting because it would seem that this genetic make-up bears out those old traditions and clichés about how [people] relate to each other. So the age-old rivalries between Devon and Cornwall – take…


forged-by-fantasy: "I play Lagertha, a real shield maiden that existed in that time period in the 8th century and doing my research on it t...


ca. 5,000 BCE. Neolithic stone beads from early settlements in Sahara, North Africa. Using simple hand-carved tools, stones were placed on a grooved stone and pecked out from both sides which was difficult, nonetheless, modern means cannot duplicate them. Tubular beads were even more difficult and came later in the Bronze Age in West Asia and the Indus Valley. Holes are generally not smooth nor even. SItes show many beads were broken in the process.