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Pictures of the day: 28 April 2014

Pictures of the day: 28 April 2014 - Telegraph Orphaned orangutans huddle together for a 'family' portrait at the Orangutan Foundation International HQ in Borneo


Black holes are sometimes described as "giant vacuum cleaners in the sky", sucking in everything around them, but this description is highly inaccurate... so a better visualization would be that of a whirlpool or tornado curling like water ... The creators Spirit Science videos just released a new video describing Nassim Haramein's work on black holes and how to properly visualize the structure of the vacuum: (post by Jamie Janover)


The Singing Ringing Tree at Burnley. The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind powered sound sculpture resembling a tree set in the landscape of the Pennine mountain range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England. Completed in 2006, it is part of the series of four sculptures within the Panopticons arts and regeneration project created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN).


I"m not sure if this aurora borealis in Finland is technically weather, but this image is amazing.


GoPro Taking Care Of Its Customers

If you are going to do something unintelligent against our advice, please, send video. ..... sounds like something I would do.

from Let's Plant a Library

Come rain or shine…a progress report on our library in Dukem

"Whatever your cross, whatever your pain, “God always sends rainbows after the rain.”

from BBC Nature

Deathly ice finger caught on film

Icy Finger of Death Filmed for the First Time Like a lightning bolt hurled down from Mount Olympus, an icy “finger of death” strikes at sea life beneath the Antarctic ice shelf in what is surely one of the most jaw-dropping natural history sequences ever filmed.

from Blaze Press

Weekly Inspiration 49

Jason Weingart

from Mail Online

Incredible giant 'roll cloud' looms over photographer's house

An incredible roll cloud dominates the skies above the photographer's house in Australia. Roll clouds ocurr ahead of storm fronts The roll cloud is a subtype of arcus cloud - the funnel is horizontal and does not connect to the ground.The other subtype of arcus is a shelf cloud, which also often appear to precede storm fronts.


❥ HAARP~ the new '1984' Heard about this years ago but the first time I've seen pictures of it. Can you say creepy!!!!