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Victorian Sleeper Chairs

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Be inspired by this Victorian terrace

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A deceased child positioned in a chair. Often if the body was propped up eyes were either painted onto the eyelids or the photographer would draw eyes onto the photo itself.


Compare this Postmortem to all of the falsely labeled girls sitting in chairs. She is propped ip and her hands are placed over the flowers, keeping them in place, but not "holding" them. And she looks, well, dead. (Or at best, asleep)


Victorian post mortem photography may seem strange, but for some families it was…


The legendary Niobe Waterfalls is the setting for this charming 2 bedroom 2 bath Victorian home at the end of a quiet country lane. Our private den sleeps two with clever and comfortable twin bed 'sleeper chairs.' Most rooms afford a spectacular waterfall view. A romantic, wrap around veranda run...