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Victorian Hampers

A coal scuttle, sometimes spelled coalscuttle and also called a hod, "coal bucket", or "coal pail", is a bucket-like container for holding a small, intermediate supply of coal convenient to an indoor coal-fired stove or heater. It is usually made of metal and shaped like a vertical cylinder or truncated cone, with the open top slanted for pouring coal on a fire. It may have one or two handles.


The Anglo-Boer War: 1899-1902 Boer- in Dutch- means farmer. This is the war in which the Afrikaners in Transvaal region (South Africa) were against the British from conquering the land for diamond and gold in 1899-1902.

from the Guardian

Caramelised red onion chutney recipe

This chutney is wonderful with goat's cheese, on a pizza or in a quiche. It's also at home in a cheese toastie


Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse - 1918 - The Cook Opened the Hamper and Began to Unpack the Vegetables Painting

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Mary Berry's Christmas cake

Mary Berry's Christmas cake recipe - goodtoknow i made this twice, the first time i forgot to put in brown sugar and used granulated, when i realised i added a little more spice and treacle, turned out perfect.


This is a very cool "general store" - I love the styling of it, and the fact that it sells only Aussie grown and made food and gift hampers. They have a great online shop too. You've done it again, Dick!