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Wow. Silverware used to be considered barbaric. In the Victorian times, it became a way to discern whether people knew the "rules."

from The Rawtarian: Simple, Satisfying Raw Recipes

Raw apple pie

This is an easy raw apple pie recipe that requires a food processor to make. Once completed, the apple pie recipe is stored in the freezer.

from Cooking Kosher with COR

Potage à la Julienne (Julienne Soup)

Julienne Soup - What gives this soup it’s name is the way all of the vegetables are sliced in it. They are all done up “Julienne Style” or in thin matchstick pieces. Back in Victoria’s time, this was all done by hand, but if you have a food processor, it will definitely help with the cutting. It will serve 6-8 people.

Rhubarb OR Asparagus. That is the Can Jam Challenge for May. While perusing recipes I came upon one that uses rhubarb in an unexpected way AND produces something I look forward to eating. I altered Victorian Barbecue Sauce from the...