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Vice poker

Club Tropicana T-shirt. Inspired by the classic 80s track from Wham! #tshirt

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Card Garland...Great Idea! I think that I could probably use decorations from my Casino Party I had? That reminds Me, I should share that Theme & Decor for others to see! =D

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and if you don't want German measles don't read any German words. Memo to Palin (that's me right ?) close kindergartens to protect our babies

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mn: LMAO The Economist has just predicted the END OF THE WORLD! Are they SHORTSELLING??? Basically a Shortsell means both parties agree on TODAY'S price for a transaction to take place a certain time in the Future. If the price goes DOWN, the Seller makes MUCHO, if it goes UP, the Seller LOSES Mucho. Asking if someone wants to Shortsell is like a RAISE in poker. Let's ask these guys lmao. Watch what they DO, not what they SAY, and follow the MONEY. ARE they shortselling? Lmao!

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