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Veterans or surviving spouses of veterans in need of in-home care may qualify for benefits through the veterans administration. Comfort Keepers is proud to serve those who have served our nation. We assist in the application process and provide in-home care services for approved participants in VA programs. Call us today at 561-694-1950 for a free in-home consultation. #elderlycare #inhomecare #homehealthcare #Jupiter #PalmBeachGardens #Tequesta

Donald Trumps father Fred was a pretty crummy guy. He was a low-income housing profiteer who used state & federal subsidies in developing his real estate empirethe one his son Donald benefits fromand abused his position. Fred Trump became rich building low income housing & apartment buildings for returning WW2 veterans. Which means his wealth directly originated from government spending aka the GI Bill/Federal Housing Administration. Beach Haven was a big apartment complex which Fred Trump…

regular mindfulness practice can lead to a greater present-centered awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance of potentially distressing cognitive and emotional states as well as trauma-related internal and external triggers


Veterans Benefits: Paying for Senior Care

VA Benefits: The Best Kept Secret to Paying for Senior Care


Veterans continue the battle, only this time with their own government. Our municipalities must allow autonomy and sustainability. Time for a Living Income Guarantee!