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Vestibular System: Your Child’s Internal GPS System for Motor Planning and Attention |

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Visual-vestibular integration dysfunction is a sensory disorder in which the brain cannot properly process and combine information from the ...

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How does the vestibular system affect your child's behavior? Find out from an Occupational Therapy perspective.

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The vestibular system is one of the bodys senses and responsible for awareness of our body in space and gravitational insecurity during tasks. Kids can use balance beams to work on integration of the vestibular sense, perfect for children who seek movement, run into objects, fear certain positions, have trouble visually tracking items in reading and written, and more. Occupational Therapy with a balance beam activities.

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This site is a tool that OTs can reference when explaining to parents how the vestibular system works, while also giving parents ideas of how to play at the playground in a manner that will help develop the vestibular system.

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Great list of the Best Toys for the Vestibular System. Awesome for parents would would like to buy "therapy tools" for home!

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When Students Can't Sit Still... Sensory Processing Explained: Vestibular Cheat Sheet #infographic #sensory processing disorder

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An Exercise Ball is great for kids with sensory processing disorder or SPD. These exercising challenge the vestibular system, strengthen the core, and make the child cross midline.

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