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365 Happiness Project 2016 – Quote 4

You care most about yourself. Don't wait for others to applaud you. You'll stress yourself out for nada. Do you. Go big or go home. For yourself.


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I strongly believe that your words have power in them, so whenever I feel the urge to complain I will often say the total opposite of what I want to! So on a beautiful morning like this one in which I'm in the very purest of health, I have to say that I am wonderously happy and that this in fact will be the best day ever!


My Male BFF & I have had this conversation so many times - all the ways that Men are pressured to Conform. It does them as much harm - AND it rebounds on how they perceive & treat Women: a nasty vicious circle we're All trapped in until we start to THINK DIFFERENTLY & ACT ACCORDINGLY. In essence it is very simple: start treating other people, everyone you encounter, with The Same Respect that you want for yourself. 'Do As You Would Be Done By'. It would Change The World !


I feel that my aspieness helps me with this tremendously! I can easily tell who I will and will not be an energy-suck. However, I'm not so good at enacting friendship... Knowing what I need emotionally and how to ask/who to ask is where I struggle as lots of Aspies do.


Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people. Cheap people like to keep their $ all to themselves...some appear to almost worship it... hahaha


"The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive."