Sandro Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus", 1486, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Most paintings of women during the middle Ages symbolize the Virgin Mary, showing her in a demure appearance with an angelic smile and covered head. So Botticelli's depiction of a beautiful goddess, not only an obvious symbol of pagan mythology but also painted as a nude was groundbreaking.

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Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. They day before I left Florence, I sat in front of this painting and stared for a good two hours, reflecting on the year and a half I had spent in Florence. Some day, I will live there again.

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John Martinaeu - The Dance of Venus (An accurate scientific drawing of Venus stunning pattern around the Earth. Our closest planetary neighbour draws a huge pentagram pattern around Earth every 8 years or 13 Venusian years. Four of the eight-year Venus cycles are shown, with the motion of Venus around Earth over 32 years), “A Little Book of Coincidence”, 2002.

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The Birth of Venus, Botticelli, detail. Venus (Aphrodite in Greek) goddess of Love rising from the sea Pushed along by Gods of the winds, Zephyr and Aura A nymph reaches out with a cloak

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Inanna was the Queen of the Sumerian Pantheon and Goddess of love, fertility and war. Her other names included Ninanna (Queen of the Sky) and as Ninsinanna she was personification of the planet Venus, linked to the morning and evening star. The Babylonians knew her as Ishtar. Sacred marriage rites were performed at the Sumerian New Year. At the ceremony this Goddess would be invoked to bless the couples with fertility.

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The Upholstered Venus Chair from Soane Britain upholstered in our "Celadon" Greville Mohair Velvet. Our mohair velvet is available through from

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