Venezuelan Shredded Beef /I think I am going to be forced to buy the correct masa for arepas off of Amazon. Not the same as what you use for tortillas. Ooooo they are sooooo yummy! Asw

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Homemade Cheese a Venezuelan food recipe called Queso de Mano. Ingredients •2 gallons whole cow’s milk. •1 pint heavy cream •3 ml Calcium Chloride •1.5 ml rennet diluted in ⅓ cup of cool water •4 tablespoons (or to taste) non-Iodized salt for brine.

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Cachapas: Venezuelan corn pancakes and they’re amazing! Both savoury with a hint of sweetness from the corn, they’re also soft and very reminiscent of buttermilk pancakes in texture….light and fluffy.

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Homemade Venezuelan Arepa Party![OC][2590x1797] #foodporn #food #foodie #yummy #yum #foodgasm #nomnom #delicious #recipe

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Super easy and delicious Venezuelan Papitas de Leche! Sweet bite sized milk truffles prepared with only a few ingredients. AD

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These to-die-for Venezuelan Cheese and Ham Empanadas are filled with gooey cheese and savory ham. This recipe is sure to please just about every cheese lover and will become an instant favorite!!

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