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Veggie Tales Cake

Veggie Tales Cake by TeresaTastyTempt


A Veggie Tales Party Under $25 -

veggietales cake $60--would love for my son's 2nd bday


Wilton Veggie Tales Cake Pan Bob & Larryboy Tomato & Pickle Discontinued…

Homemade Bob And Larry Veggietales Cake: Hello from Bob and Larry! This Bob and Larry Veggietales cake is a great cake to make with your extra big sheet pan. I got the image idea from a Veggietales

I think I might adapt these into Veggie Tales Peas for Clark's birthday party! Cake Pops, YUM.,

When my son was 3 he loved veggie tales. I took an image of bob and larry from the veggies tales and traced it on the cake then used the st...


<3 Love me some Veggie Tales! I think Kaden will need to have a Veggie's 2nd Birthday!! Oh...wait, maybe my friends should throw me a VEGGIE 30th party! Whooop whoop!! ;-)