A simple, stovetop recipe for vegetable paella! A vegetarian take on this classic Spanish dish! On the table in under one hour!

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A vegetarian and vegan Spanish paella so full of flavor, you won't miss the meat - I promise! This meatless rice paella dish is prepared from lots of healthy veggies and generously spiced with paprika and turmeric.

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Like Italian tomato sauce, paella is one of those dishes that have a million variations and even more people assuring you that their recipe is “traditional” or “real” paella…

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This Spanish vegetarian paella recipe is really easy and straightforward to make, and is packed with veggies! The artichokes and olives are the star of the show for me. Finish it off with some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and parsley for a comforting vegan dinner that tastes fresh and summery too!

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Ever tried Greek-Mex? If you've ever tried Greek 'spanakopita' or spinach and feta cheese pies, you'll love these Greek quesadillas with tzatziki!

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