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Crudite- coring out a red cabbage is a great way to serve the dip, but I like to have three dips available. To do this, get one red, orange and yellow bell pepper, cut off the top and core it, rinse to get most of the pepper taste out and fill with cold sauce. The cabbage works for hot anchovy dip but not the peppers, unfortunately.


Veggie Display Ideas - the color of fresh vegetables is gorgeous in and of itself. Use that as a focal point in your table scapes.

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Make your vacations or outings more joyful and comfortable with Multi utility…

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7 Easy Appetizer and Party Snack Ideas

As hard as you tried to avoid it, you were put on the list for veggie tray. Well bring your veggie tray with a bang, and put the vegetables in their own cups with ranch. Not only is the portion size great, but keeping the dressing separate keeps it from getting on other food.


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Shop Cold Bowl on Ice Server at CHEFS. I also like the idea of standing up the veggies and sitting the bowl on ice; maybe use a juice glass for the dip?

bell pepper holding vegetable dip.


This would have been perfect for my Mad Hatter Tea Party! ohyaydesign: Cookie cutter cucumbers! Awesome idea and then you don’t have to peal it!


Fall entertaining.....since I don't really do Halloween I think it would be great for football parties or my favorite, Thanksgiving!