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10 Egal-wie-Witze, die Dich definitiv zum Lachen bringen

Gerard: Well, are you ready, Ray? Ray: Yeah... Gerard: How about you, Frank? Frank: Oh, I'm there, baby Gerard: How about you, Mikey? Mikey: Fucking ready... Gerard: Well, I think I'm alright Gerard: 1 2 3 4!


*smears eyeliner all over face and grabs black parade jacket* COMMENCE WITH THE EMO RENAISSANCE IM FUCKIN READY<<<< are you Mikey Way? Hehe f*cking ready.. Vampire money?? Nope okay


In case you didn't know about this<<< and he wouldn't thank god XD<<<weren't they also asked to do a song for the movie too but turned that down too<<<<this is why I love them