Amazing vampire writing prompts - I just love all of these non-cliche vampire ideas. ^_^

Rabisu. Fallen angels that are transformed into vampiric spirits, and mainly appear human in form, with demonic features and angelic wings.

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Dracula "Bloodline" characters<<I'm a little upset that Carmilla isn't involved in these things more often.

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In Rhode Island the thought of vampires still cause locals to quiver and shake. For deep in the belly of this small state, Behind the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church in the town of Exeter, lies the grave of New England’s most famous vampire, Mercy Brown. No longer is this fear summoned by the belief in souls rising from the grave though. The telling Mercy’s story has become a long-lived RI tradition.

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Burney relief. There is debate if this is Inanna, Lilith or Erishkigal. I personally think this is Inanna.

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