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"Look" he whispered, his breath entwining with hers "Really look" With her heart pounding, she turned her head slightly to peer into the Prince's previously ocean azure eyes and gasped at what she saw. "See now what I am" he growled, but she heard the distinct sound of stifled sadness creep into his voice and brought nothing but sympathy to her. "Yes" she whispered back. His eyes were no longer the beautiful sky blue they had been but were now in fact a royal silver surrounded by shades of…


⚫⚪⚫ LipstixXx OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG... Just like lip tattoos ~ except with actual lip Colors too!!!!! Slay girl, SLA


How Long Would You Survive A Vampire Apocalypse?

(Open with Pyper ) I was walking around town looking for an easy prey when I see you. I quickly slide up behind you and drag you to an alley. I'm about to bite you when you scream for me too stop.


@avrildearg XD this isn't anything, i'm just pinning this in reference to megan saying 'plot twist! gage is a vampire' in one of my critiques after she read he had sharp canines, hahaha


Vampfangs custom acrylic fangs. I think these fangs would be close to perfect for an evil mermaid, especially one of the merfolk who drowned and ate sailors.


Blood-Sucking Facial Rejuvenation

Princess Liesbeth, of the Vampyric Sanguinex House of Sempesh, is the last of her family to defy the Faerie co-ruling with her kind. All grown up by she's dangerous & would see them return to being blood-letting slaves for her superior people.