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Sagittal color Doppler image of the left varicocele with the patient performing a Valsalva maneuver, with a marked increase of flow through the varicocele

Name: Noelle Pensec, CRA Description: Valsalva Retinopathy in a 26 y.o. female. The hemorrhages were caused by the Valsalva maneuver (holding the nose and blowing) and the patient recovered within 3 months. #OphthalmicPhotography #Fundus #Ophthalmology

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Valsalva maneuver - Wikipedia

One of the major reasons shoveling snow can lead to a heart attack is that people tend to hold their breath on exertion—such as lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow. Breath holding slams the diaphragm right up into the heart—squeezing it, and impeding blood flow. This is known as a "Valsalva maneuver."

Breathing and the Valsalva Maneuver - Music for