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A striking way to dress up a mantle or sofa table for the fall season. Illuminated pumpkins at various heights using pedestals.

from QVC

2-piece Gingerbread Boy & Girl by Valerie —

This precious pair of gingerbread figures by Valerie Parr Hill is sure to bring a smile to all who see them.

from eBay

Valerie Parr Hill Set of 3 Lit Color Within Mercury Glass Spheres - PICK COLOR


from QVC

Set of 2 Lit Candle Holder Pedestals with Mirror Inserts by Valerie

Great decor should be put on a pedestal--and this set of two from Valerie Parr Hill highlights your prized pieces even more with an illuminated look.

Autumn ~ Toile Pumpkins that Illuminate


One sweet collection. Display this adorable 15-piece gingerbread village from Valerie Parr Hill to create lasting holiday memories.

from QVC

14" Illuminated Glitter Tree by Valerie —

Fantastically festive. An LED light illuminates the glitter suspended within this delightful tree from Valerie Parr Hill, giving it a seasonal, snowy look.


This Valerie Parr Hill lantern holds more than light--inside, you'll find a cozy scene for the season.