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Uvb 76

A spectrum for UVB-76 showing the suppressed lower sideband - 20 Wikipedia Pages That Will Freak You Out 18 Best of Web Shrine

from Mail Online

Can YOU solve the mystery of UVB-76?

Student Egor Evseev visited the old site believed to house UVB-76 in the summer of 2012. He says the area consisted of abandoned and partially destroyed buildings, with ripped up cables suggesting it was once a transmission centre. The location of the station is believed to have moved in 2010

from The Daily Dot

A Russian enigma

Has the Internet solved the mystery of this 40-year-old radio signal? (The Mystery of UVB-76)

UVB76-004 : Overlook - Nights Into Dreams / Scarlett by UVB-76 Music on SoundCloud #drumnbass