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Above:- Left: 1921 British Poppy : Madame Guérin’s French-made ‘Inter-Allied Poppy Day’ Poppy for UK. (Courtesy/© Heather Anne Johnson). Right: Moina Michael’s ‘Victory Emblem’ Patented Design. Data provided by United States Patent and Trademark Office (; IFI CLAIMS Patent Services ( assignments assignment-tm-5718-0583.pdf

Google obtient un brevet pour un système qui intègre des résultats de recherche dans une messagerie instantanée

R.J. Spaulding's US patent for Flying machine/ornithopter, 1889 | (TIFF images of full patent application)


In order to ensure that trademark registrants receive email reminders, registration owners should make sure they update their email with the USPTO and add the to its “safe senders list.” #FrancineWardLawyer #TrademarkApplication #TrademarkOwner