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NB Swamp Frogs, Milburn Boats

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Use a handle as a place to clip things you don't want to loose like car keys!

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Scrumpy 60ft 1993 Liverpool Boats 6x berth traditional stern narrow boat

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The New and Used Boat Company : New Boats - Narrowboat

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The New and Used Boat Company : New Boats - Narrowboat

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60ft Narrow Boat (1996) UK, Boats for sale, used boats, new boat sales, free photo ads - Apollo Duck

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Toilet Roll Dispenser

Toilet paper dispenser made from a 2 liter bottle - use for camping/fishing trips - keeps the toilet paper clean and dry.

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I love how light and airy this one bed houseboat is by the company ecofloatinghomes.A roof garden is an awesome idea and a great use of space.I'd want a two bedroomed one though so I'd have a half floor with a bedroom on top and a smaller garden area.Then I could add solar panels which wouldn't be that visible.

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Anchoring. Choosing the type and size of anchors and cable to carry aboard will depend on the type and size of your vessel and the sea area it is being used in. Most importantly, choose anchors that are big enough for your vessel and those which are recommended by the manufacturers. Cruising yachts normally carry at least two types of anchor, plus suitable lengths of chain and rope cables.

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Beach & Boat Tote - all your summer essentials in one easy to carry container!

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