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Summer Table Inspiration

I keep seeing Hendricks bottles used as table decorations @ruth000 - plus I will volunteer to help you drink plenty of gin so that you have enough to use, because I am selfless


"Waterfall"by Amy ? Paper and acrylic on canvas. paper, paint, and glue exploration of texture, pattern and color. Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, is both, irregular and ordered. constructs pieces by layering, cutting, rolling, and combining paper. Sometimes adds metal and wood.


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What is special about Itchiku Kubota's work? The colours are unbelieveable. He hand painted & dip-dyed over and over again to build up harmonies of incredible subtlety & richness. He revived an ancient shibori technique called tsujigahana and developed it using modern dyes and methods: nvolves brush painting the outline design onto the tacked together kimono and adding intricate sumi ink paintings, then stitching and binding miniscule portions of the silk, dyeing them by hand....


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