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Used Car Values

Identity crisis? No, I'm a primary school teacher!: Racing to understand place value in EYFS


1966 Jaguar XJ13 The Jaguar XJ13 was a prototype racing car developed by Jaguar to challenge at Le Mans in the mid-1960s. It never raced, and only one was ever produced. The car has not been officially valued, but a £7 million bid for it was declined by the owners in 1996.


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Little Britain - Inspiration for character design additional hair has been added on both characters, teeth and sallow tones of make up has also been used. The make up here makes these characters look odd and like outcasts. This emphasises the comedic value of the charecterisations

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Just stumbled across this cool page for JASMINE LENNARD

Yep - the apple didn't fall far from the tree - bitches bringing up bitches

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Dominoes Place Value Game for Kids

Dominoes Place Value Game for Kids - super simple!


Pink & Orange Rust. Colours on the side door of a truck no longer used in the distillery business that once made up the distillery area of old Toronto. Now the area is a historical landmark and used by artists and performers.

Bond, James Bond. 007. Explore this infographic that details the history of James Bonds' movies, films, and dozen of books. Learn who some of the most famous actors who played James Bond were, gadgets used, cars driven, and women dated.


Love the pink with my company logo....I'm sure it would be eye catching; wait, they may think I'm a Mary Kay lady. Lol


Yea I had a lot of fake friends. Then I started to realize they were just using me for money and my car. Needless to say I have only a couple of really close friends. I wouldn't change it for anything.