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Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. Born into slavery.

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'Another London' photography exhibition at Tate Britain, London

Commenting on his photography 4 the Black Panther Movement in the UK, photographer Neil Kenlock recalls “Pple were calling us all sorts of names in the streets & painting graffiti everywhere. In school, there was no black history...If you asked the teachers where black people came from, they would say: ‘Somewhere in Africa, up a tree,’ & that’s it. So w/ the Black Panther movement we had educational classes, public meeting & lectures."

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Pastor Says 'Devil' Motivated Him to Ask a Woman for Sex at Super 8 Hotel; Threw $20, Said 'There Is More Where That Came From'

Sonia Sanchez. "All poets, all writers are political. They either maintain the status quo, or they say, ‘Something’s wrong, let’s change it for the better.’ That’s what my life has really been about."

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The stolen children They were sent from Irish orphanages to Australia with the promise of freedom. Instead, writes Declan Cashin, our child migrants battled with abuse and slave labour

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Horrible part of our history. Photos of real captured runaway slaves, taken by Fabrice Monteiro. entitled "Marrons. Les esclaves fugitifs". Slaves who tried to escape suffering the punishment described by the law then they were made to wear a heavy iron necklace with long stems, which had the function to hang in the brush and hamper any escape.

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At 21, Ota Benga was brought to the United States by African explorer Samuel Verner. Verner displayed Ota Benga alongside six other pygmies of the Congolese Mbuti tribe at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. Verner then escorted them back to the Congo, but Benga returned to America for the second time and ended up on display at the Bronx Zoo. He then studied at a colored orphan asylum and attended a Baptist Seminary. But only the forest held his attention and he ultimately took his own life.

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A retired lawyer opens first US slavery museum with $8.6 million of his money

John Cummings has redeveloped an antebellum plantation in Louisiana where more than 350 slaves labored. Americans must ‘take responsibility’ for the wrongs of slavery, he says.

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