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List of the Presidents of the United States of America -- (This Photo was uploaded by Juanitaharris1.)

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Independence Day idea - cool image

#PresidentsofUSA #Presidents and the Term they served in Office as the President of the United States. #Infograph #Chart #Poster

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Air Force One: the ultimate power trip

The Clintons listen to a midair briefing in 1996.

President Calvin Coolidge (left) stands with his vice president Charles Gates…

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United States Presidents Gallery at Madame Tussauds DC

Andrew Jackson - President from 1829-1837 ... authorized the removal of Cherokees from their homelands, this atrocity is better known as the TRAIL OF TEARS.


Have you ever wondered what US Presidents were really like, beyond what we've learned in history classes? Read on to find out some fun facts you may h

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Madness of Marilyn: The affair with JFK and the drug crazed paranoia that put her in a padded cell

Marilyn Monroe. <3


Dwight David Eisenhower, Texan and 34th President of the United States of America


Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th President of the USA. He was in office November 22, 1963-January 20, 1969

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Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon Thirty-Seventh President of the United States