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US concludes Vladimir Putin ordered campaign to influence US election 'after British intelligence tip-off'

US intelligence agencies accused Vladimir Putin of launching an "influence campaign" to damage Hillary Clinton in a new report, with sources saying British intelligence provided the tip about Russia's hacking of the Democratic Party.

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US Intelligence Community members 1.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 2.United States Department of Defense Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA) 3.Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) 4.Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 5.Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) 6.National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) 7.National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) 8. National Security Agency (NSA)

Mike Pence is now the only thing standing between madness and sanity

The mad Tweeter high above Fifth Avenue continues to fire away, trashing the US intelligence agencies, extolling Julian Assange and calling the new minority leader in the Senate “the head clown” for having had the temerity to warn the Republican President-elect to expect no help from Democrats when it comes to dismantling and replacing

White House sanctions Russia over election hacking

The Obama administration announced a round of sanctions against Moscow on Thursday over its alleged hacking into the Democratic National Committee to influence this year’s presidential election. US intelligence agencies—the CIA and FBI—have previously accused Russia of influencing November's election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, accusations that Vladimir Putin and Russian officials have vehemently denied.

FBI explains how Esteban Santiago was able to keep gun and fly – video

Esteban Santiago had told the FBI that his mind was being controlled by US intelligence agencies

Not many of us realize the importance of fruits and their nutritional value. Once we do, we can't wait to start eating. here is the nutritional value ...

Top 10 Nutrition Rich Fruits And Their Unique Benefits

Not many of us realize the importance of fruits and their nutritional value. Once we do, we can't wait to start eating. here is the nutritional value ...

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Trump Tweetwatch: Intelligence agencies taking 'one last shot'

What Trump's tweets tell us - BBC Trump Tweetwatch: 'I'm a big fan' of intelligence agencies

Trump condemns spy agency 'leak' of 'fake news'

US President-elect Donald Trump says allegations Russia has compromising material on him are "fake news, phoney stuff", put together by "sick people". He was replying to unsubstantiated allegations that his election team colluded with Russia and there were salacious videos of his private life. Intelligence agencies considered the claims relevant enough to brief both Mr Trump and President Obama last week.

US-Russia tensions rise as malware found at Vermont electric utility

A day after Barack Obama announced tough new sanctions over what intelligence agencies believe to be Russian attempts to influence the presidential election in favour of Donald Trump, US officials said computer code linked to Russian-sponsored hackers had been detected in a computer at a Vermont electric utility.

Biden condemns Trump's 'mindless' response to intelligence agencies

Biden condemns Trump's 'mindless' response to intelligence agencies | The daily briefing | US news | The Guardian