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Us History Textbook

from the Guardian

A textbook on Mexican Americans that gets their history wrong? Oh, Texas

A textbook on Mexican Americans that gets their history wrong? Oh, Texas | Cindy Casares | Opinion | The Guardian

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Federalism Holt US History Textbook Standard: 8.2.4 and 8.2.7

Students complete worksheet including key players in the formation of the new…

BADASS MEN The Feminist Who Shot Hamilton . . Aaron Burr is a historical figure taught to high school students as a Founding Father, a brilliant thinker, and the “damn fool” who shot Alexander Hamilton, as Lin Manuel Miranda phrases it in his hit musical Hamilton. There is more to him than AP US History textbooks preach, however. Whether you have seen Hamilton or just read its rave reviews, you should know that in addition to writing brilliant lyrics...

A student studies textbooks in the law faculty at Humboldt University prior to the beginning of the winter semester on October 11, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

Le Chaim (on the right): 30+ Ways to Teach History WITHOUT a Textbook She has a strong bias (using her words here) against christian curriculum and states some are not even true. She considers herself a history buff. Lives and breathes it. I am saving/sharing her site as a good resource for Tapestry and exploring "both sides" of the story. She likes Sonlight and I do too, so maybe she isn't all bad :)

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