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Us Dollar Denominations

Materials required to make a money rose.

SS Republic Half Dollar. ound for New Orleans from New York with passengers and commercial cargo, the sidewheel steamship SS Republic was lost in a violent hurricane on October 25, 1865. Odyssey located the shipwreck in 2003 in the Atlantic Ocean. Displayed nicely in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and cd. Origin: Savannah, Georgia | Date: 1865 | Denomination: $0.50. See more at

Vietnamese currency is called Vietnam Dong and abbreviated as VND. Notes are available in paper denominations of 5.000VND, 10.000VND, 20.000VND, 50.000VND, 100.000 VND and 500.000VND. Beside VND, US dollar is widely accepted.

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Britain's £1m and £100m banknotes

A £ 1m note, no kidding, this is actually real


1776 Continental Dollar. Little is known about these coins and even the exact denomination is supposition. There are no records of it in the actions of the Continental Congress and it is unknown who authorised or minted them although they were probably struck in New York City

Count up your pretend American dollar bills as you play with this toy play money now only £1.75 from Novelty Toy Shop from our joke toy range. Toy Shop

trillion dollar coin - - - The Great Excape from Corporate Banking's Strangle hold on on our Government and our economy.


10 Dollars United States Military Payment Certificate, Series 472 Front depicts the United States Army Seal. Back vignette has another depiction of the United States Army Seal. Front of all notes black with blue underprint. Back of all notes is brown. There was only one print run for the series 472 ten dollar military payment certificate. This also happens to be the highest denomination from the series.