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This infographic on Suffrage in the United States can be used as an example for students in creating their own infographics (digital or print) on the women's suffrage movement. CCSS: RI.8.7. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using different mediums (e.g., print or digital text, video, multimedia) to present a particular topic or idea, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.3 Identify key steps in a text's description of a process related to history/social studies.

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U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution is a Social Studies lesson designed to teach upper elementary students about the historical context in which the document was written, and why we have a Constitution. Students read an original, content-rich informational text about the Constitution. They use information in the text to create two foldables. Students then apply their knowledge to a constructed-response writing prompt in which they must cite their evidence using details in the text.

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Constitution - Activities to teach U.S. History and Celebrate Constitution Day

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Making US History Fun in the Classroom

Making US History Fun in the Classroom – six great resources to get your students excited about history.

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Frigate USS Constitution Sail Boat - -Ship - Illustration printed on vintage Dictionary page

USS Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy. A vintage illustration printed directly on a repurposed rescued book page.


And the curiosity to ask always, but never to answer: How will it end? #positivethinking