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A rare Flight Worcester platter from the 'Hope' service, circa 1790 Made for the Duke of Clarence, the centre finely painted in monochrome by John Pennington with a seated figure of Hope gesturing towards a ship in full sail in the distance, an anchor at her feet, surrounded by an elaborate gilded formal band, the shaped border gilt with paterae and arched panels reserved on a blue ground gilt with stars, 48cm wide, crown, Flight and crescent mark in blue Footnotes John Flight recorded…

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Top 10 self-seeding plants for a fuss-free cottage garden

We all like to get free plants. And self-seeders produce new plants for us every year. They are ideal if you want a fuss-free garden, because they require little intervention. Left to bloom and set seed, these prolific varieties will soon fill every available patch in the garden. Here are my top 10 self-seeding plants. 1 Papaver


Four US Navy SEALS departed one clear night in early July 2005 for the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border for a reconnaissance mission. Their task was to document the activity of an al Qaeda leader rumored to be very close to Bin Laden with a small army in a Taliban stronghold. Five days later, only one of those Navy SEALS made it out alive


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12/5/14 - Schaefer Fights for Border Security! "Here’s a big “See, I told you so” WHEN IT COMES TO PREDICTABLE POLITICAL GAMES PLAYED BY RICK PERRY, DEWHURST & JOE STRAUS WHEN IT COMES TO BORDER SECURITY. Now that President Obama has declared amnesty for some 5 million illegals (with much more to come), what do our (Tx) state leaders do?" READ MORE

Small Courtyard Back Garden


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THIS GUY SHOULD BE A CONCERN FOR ALL TEXAS -- CASTRO BEING INVESTIGATED BY TEC ---NWO'S NAFTA - Mexican ambassador announces inspection-free border crossings - Mexican Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan determined, “If Texas is the engine behind the success of NAFTA, San Antonio is the spark plug.” pictured is SAN ANTONIO'S MAYOR CASTRO

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tiny border terrier puppy.