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Us Aluminum

Original art, mixed media assemblage on mannequin torso, Minnie, vintage beads, jewelry, buttons, glass, silver, gold, steel, found items

Scale Mail Armor - Scale Mail Shrug - Scale Mail sleeves - Scale Mail Outfit - Dragon Cosplay Sleeves - Scale Mail Sleeve

Harry Potter Bookmark, Study like Granger, Eat like Weasley, Live like Potter. Harry Potter gift

Mixed Metal Lily Flower Earrings Argentium Sterling Silver And Copper Earring Handcrafted Artisan Earrings Metalsmith Earring Copper Jewelry

Superhero Key Chain "I'm a godfather, what's your super power" Batman key chain

Large Looping Celtic Crossed Knots Aluminum Hair Pin, Barrette, Hair Slide, Clip, Shawl Pin - Long Hair Accessories, Celtic Knot Accessory

Metalwork Necklace with Mixed Metal Copper Flowers and Rivets - Cold Connection Hand Stamped Necklace - Aluminum and Copper (104)

Expecto Patronum - Magic Book Inspired - Aluminum Wrap Ring - Gift Under 20

Rainbow Circle Byzantine Pendant - Chainmaille Pendant - Chainmaille Necklace