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Diets That Treat Genetic Disease – Three Classic Cases

Anyone can get one of these inborn errors – DNA doesn’t know within whom it mutates. But human interactions can concentrate mutations within populations, especially when people carry samples of a larger gene pool to new communities, as happened with the Amish and Mennonites. In this way, mutations rare in the ancestral European gene pool became amplified in North America.

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Say Goodbye To High Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides!

A student really was surprised by the bloodstream results that certain former professor proved him a couple of years ago. He was stunned as the degrees of his lipids, cholesterol, blood sugar, urea…

The blood urea nitrogen or BUN is a blood test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen in the bloodstream. It reflects how well your kidneys are. When a person is dehydrated, false results might be obtained as BUN levels increase when blood is concentrated. Elevated BUN levels indicate dehydration, excessive protein intake and impaired renal function. Low BUN levels indicate over hydration, liver damage and malnutrition.

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New blood test identifies stroke risk following heart surgery with greater accuracy than present methods.

The results of a blood test done immediately after heart surgery can be a meaningful indicator of postoperative stroke risk, a study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has found. An acutely elevated level of blood urea nitrogen (BUN), a measure of kidney function detected through blood testing, was the most powerful predictor of postoperative stroke among the study’s subjects.