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Uptight Meaning

Don't you just love Mor!!!! Sure, Feyre is new to the gang, but that doesn't mean she'll care any less

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RedBall Project

Kurt Perschke - RedBall Project - traveling public art installation has traversed the globe, appearing in many cities. I chose the red ball project because it just seemed like a cool project and interesting ideas to get an insight into the red ball project.

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Her phone vibrated in her pocket. She wasn't listening to their conversation anyway. It was a message, from James. He'd sent a picture of himself at his family's house, captioned "Hey, miss you too much to find the words. Having fun here, as you can see by the look on my face. I love you & I'll be back home soon, I promise. Call you tomorrow, sleep tight, love you-Bucky x" She teared up in happiness. He was her whole world. & she his.

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Please Excuse The Mess....... We Live Here - Hand Painted Typography Sign

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When an 18 year old guy in super tight skinny jeans can lift his leg up higher then you, without trying....means you now failed at life.

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The pes anserine tendons meet on the inner aspect of the upper tibia, where the structure resembles a 'goose foot' - which is what 'pes anserine' means. Under the tendons lies the pes anserine bursa, a lubricating envelope. If it becomes inflamed it is called 'pes anserine bursitis'. #pesanserine #bursitis #anserinebursitis

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Kate Beckinsale damn sexy in figure hugging tight clingy silver dress <3 <3 <3

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Activities re. childhood in tudor times. Tudor babies are thought to have been swaddled for the first year.

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Kitchen inspiration: small ktichen doesn't mean you can play with styles and colours. This compact space is airy and full of character. Keeping the window clear with just roller blinds lets in lots of light and makes the room feel bigger.

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JEREMY WORST Naked Goose Grey Goose Sexy girl Artwork Fine Art Print pin up

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