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A rare 1918, Steinway Model R upright grand piano with a black case and cut-out front panel at Besbrode Pianos. Piano has an eighty-eight note keyboard and three pedals. The Steinway Model R was designed around 1900. It is larger than the Model K and has the "Upright Grand String Frame" with "Capo d'astro Bar" stamp on the frame. The Steinway Model R was only made in the Hamburg factory. Production in Hamburg of the Model R was discontinued in 1942 Interestingly, two Steinway Model R…


Again the paint takes something usually so traditional and dare I say it, a little stuffy, and plonks it right in the modern age


Wonderful with White Walls: Houseplants — Renter Solutions

wood and a live plant warm up white walls (bamboo shades, dark wood and rugs in the background, too)


`Liberace` Piano An upright grand piano in an ornate cream and gilt case, together with a matching duet stool and twenty-four Liberace LPs. The Liberace book, ‘The True Story,’ by Bob Thomas, with a picture of the piano in his house is also included. Formerly the property of Liberace.