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Upright Grand Piano

A rare 1918, Steinway Model R upright grand piano with a black case and cut-out front panel at Besbrode Pianos. Piano has an eighty-eight note keyboard and three pedals. The Steinway Model R was designed around 1900. It is larger than the Model K and has the "Upright Grand String Frame" with "Capo d'astro Bar" stamp on the frame. The Steinway Model R was only made in the Hamburg factory. Production in Hamburg of the Model R was discontinued in 1942 Interestingly, two Steinway Model R…


An Eavestaff baby grand piano with a satin, mahogany case and square, tapered legs at Besbrode Pianos

An 1894, Steinway upright piano with a polished, rosewood case at Besbrode Pianos


Piano Recycling and Upcycling | The Piano Shop Bath

Library and music room. I think that'd look good for a dining room too, with all of the shelves.


Morley Upright Grand Piano | Handel Pianos

A Antique upright grand piano turned into a bar and then painted with Annie Sloan Napoleonic blue chalk paint®, a wash of Paris Grey was added to the details. This piece was done by CindyB.


A 1903, Ibach upright piano with a rococo style case and gilt detail at Besbrode Pianos. Case covered in asymmetrical, ornate carvings of flowers and scrolls.


My favorite make-over EVER! This player piano no longer had any life left as a piano, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any life left!!! Player Piano Makeover