Bells of Ireland - An annual in our area, but an unusual plant to have in the garden. I quite like them.

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How cool is the Tapioca? hardy tapioca plant ✨ deciduous; re-seeds; 8-10ft seasonal growth. More

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Chinese Lantern Plant. I discovered them at Monticello, so they were definitely imported early.

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Xerosicyos Danguyi Gallon Pot Rare Silver dollar vine succulent plant The silver dollar vine is a really unusual succulent type plant/vine.

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Indian-pipe, one-flower Indian-pipe. Notice this plant has no chlorophyll (green pigment), this means that it cant photosynthesis by itself which means it is a parasitic flower that hacks into the roots of other plants to get its sugars.

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Aeonium tabulaefoeme - Originating in the Canary Islands, these totally flat succulents grow in vertical cracks in the lava flows on rather steep slopes at around 500 m of altitude usualy facing the N or N.W. This collocation enabling the crowns to shed water, effectively preventing rot.

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