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Room Colours: An Expert Guide To Using The 14 Most Popular Colours In Your Home


John Jonston (1603-1675) was a Polish scholar born to a family of Scottish origin. He spent most of his life in Poland, working as an academician and private tutor. Though he traveled widely throughout Europe, Jonston repeatedly turned down offers of professorships at major universities. Instead, he chose to live a private life on his country estate in southwest Poland. One of Jonston’s works, Historia Naturalis (Natural History), was translated into many languages. The engraving shown…


Arizona.. This is the destination of our 2014 Summer Incentive trip for Initial Outfitters! We are going to the LaPlaloma Spa and Resort in Tucson!


3XN Wins Mälardalen University Architectural Competition

won the the architectural competition for a new educational building for Mälardalen University - a university college in Eskilstuna southwest of Stockholm. [Architecture - Interior Design - Concept]


Top 10 restaurants, cafes and diners in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque coffee & custard: Excellent coffee can be found just south of Nob Hill at Michael Thomas Coffee, who roasts beans on the premises from all over the world. Have a cup and take some beans to go, then venture back toward the University of New Mexico's (UNM) campus for frozen custard straight out of the Midwest. Lighter than ice-cream, eggier than gelato, frozen custard is just right for the summer heat.

I like the way she's painted the horns like trees and branches mixed together Georgia O'Keeffe - "Deer Horns" {1938)


Cartographer Stefan Freelan of Western Washington University produced this beautiful map of the Salish Sea. We're honoured that Stefan gave us permission to use it in "Ogden Point Odyssey".


New Research Shows Greenland Ice Sheet Movement is Decreasing Despite Warming A newly published study from the University of Edinburgh shows that the movement of the southwest portion of the Greenland Ice Sheet that terminates on land has been slowing down despite decades of increasing temperatures and surface melting. The study is published in the journal Nature. Researchers derived their results by tracking ice sheet movement […] The post New Research Shows Greenland Ice Sheet ..