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Hearing voices in our heads is more common (and less 'crazy') than we think

‘Many people think that voice hearing is just a symptom of severe mental illness like schizophrenia or psychosis, but what they don’t know is that hearing voices is also an important aspect of many ordinary people’s lives,’ said Charles Fernyhough, professor of psychology at Durham University and the project’s director.


Despite long-held assumptions, UC researchers find the diversity of salts in water and soil beneficial – not harmful – for cultivating maize in ancient New Mexico.

Contemporary approaches to the digital transformation of practice in university research and teaching sometimes assume a convergence between the digital and openness. This assumption ...


Biofuels emit more greenhouse gas than gasoline cornWho would have thought that biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel emit more greenhouse gas – specifically heat-trapping carbon dioxide – than gasoline? A team of scientists from the University of Michigan discovered this is the case. Their findings challenge the widely held assumption that ethanol, biodiesel and other biofuels are carbon neutral. Contrary to what most people had assumed, the heat-trapping CO2 gas emitted when biofuels ar

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What St Paul's could learn from Mary, the patron of the Occupy protesters


Nicholas Hlobo ‘Macaleni Iintozomlambo’, 2010 © Nicholas Hlobo, courtesy Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town


How Colleges Change :: <P>Higher education is in an unprecedented time of change and reform. To address these challenges, university leaders tend to focus on specific interventions and programs, but ignore the change processes and the contexts that would lead to success. Joining theory and practice,<I> How Colleges Change</I> unmasks problematic assumptions that change agents typically possess and provides research-based principles for approaching change. Framed by decades of resea...