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1969, Deportivo Coras (Riverside, California) University of California, Riverside Conf: Southwest / Div: West #DeportivoCoras #RiversideCalifornia #NPSL (L8736)

University of California, Riverside - Pentland Hills Love your blog! Follow me @ or on ig: love_jenn(submitted by so-this-is-jenn, thanks! hope you enjoy UCR, my brother is going there too!)


Due studi dell’University of California, Riverside aiutano a comprendere come il fenomeno della reionizzazione cosmica abbia reso l’Universo più trasparente, permettendogli di uscire dalla sua Dark Age

The University of California, Riverside, commonly known as UCR or UC Riverside, is a public research university and one of the ten general campuses of the University of California system

Accidental Mysteries ... Collected by famed artist and rider Jeff Decker, Hell’s Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art is an exhibition at the University of California Riverside ARTSblock that features defunct motorcycle club cuts, or vests, and their assorted, colorful club colors, or patches, that represent a unique form of American folk art embodying the freedom and nonconformity of bikers.

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Strange But True: Dark Matter Grows 'Hair' Around Stars And Planets

In our neighborhood, dark matter's density is so low that directly detecting it has been an exercise in futility. But these "strands of hair" just might be the key to unlocking the puzzle.