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Universe Simulator

from The Creators Project

Una cascata digitale in projection mapping dà l'illusione di assenza di gravità

Una cascata digitale in projection mapping dà l'illusione di assenza di gravità | The Creators Project

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Taps of the Week (39 Photos) - Suburban Men - September 26, 2015

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samueldeats: Steven Universe is one of my favorite shows currently running; I couldn’t help but to do some fan animation for it! If the GIF above gives you any trouble, you can watch a video up here:


A binary black hole system, viewed edge-on. This pair of extremely dense objects twists and warps spacetime as the two black holes spiral in toward one another. Image Credit: Bohn, Throwe, Hébert, Henriksson, Bunandar, Taylor, Scheel (see via:

from Jon Rappoport's Blog

Are we living inside a virtual simulation?

The history of millions of artists on this planet directly points to the fact that, when freed from restraints, human beings become enormously creative. Every painting, play, poem, novel is a world of its own; a universe. This suggests that the physical universe is but one work of art, out of a possible infinity of universes. -Jon Rappoport #holographic #virtual #art

from Mail Online

Is our universe a FAKE? Theory suggests we are living in a simulation

The universe and everything you see in it is fake. That's the radical theory put forward by a number of scientists, who claim there is a possibility that our world is merely a computer simulation - and there may be evidence of this if we know where to look


NASA Scientist: We Live Inside a Hologram Generated by Alien Computers


minecraft medieval | Halion Minecraft Medieval City Download


"The vehicle explodes, literally explodes, off the pad. The simulator shakes you a little bit, but the actual liftoff shakes your entire body and soul."- Mike McCulley, 1989 Space Shuttle pilot.