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Kennedy Sorrell - The unity is where the hand is showing of holding hands with the white fingers that represent another hand.

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"Adinkra symbols character symbols. See too a pdf of many symbols at:"

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we are one ... This country does not share equally.....My Fathers quote resounds....GREED is the biggest sin.....God bless you in your African are not all share.....wondrous SOUL...

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om mani padme hum meaning - Google Search

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peace, love, unity, respect ✌️ plur tattoo

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PLACEMENT: Best placed on fingers, palms, behind-the-ears, below the eyes, on the eyelids, somewhere hidden… and anywhere, actually. Just make sure it fits the right spot.

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Inside each of us are two wolves. The one is Evil , the other is Good. There is a constant battle beteween them. The one who wins is the one you feed the most <3 i love this beyond words. One day i will have this tattoo :)

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Ideias de Tattoos: Flor de Lótus

Oi, oi gentee!!! Tudo legal com vocês? Preparados pra falar sobre um dos meus assuntos favoritos? Tatuagem! Pelo menos uma vez na semana terá um post sobre o assunto, seja pra dar ideias, fa…

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Symbol tattoo Meditation, balance, Unity. Line tattoo Black and grey. Arthouse7

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unity in diversity symbol - Google Search

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