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#Truth.. Be patient enough for the good things that will come to you

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Original Best.Oops.Ever - Surprise Pregnancy, Funny Baby Shirt

Original Best.Oops.Ever Surprise Pregnancy by LifeCanBeShirty, $14.99


This is SO my life right now..So unexpected but now thinking its one of the best surprises ever!!

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6 encouragements for the Christian facing an unexpected pregnancy.

In honor of National Sanctity of Life Sunday, I have 6 encouragements for the Christian facing an unexpected pregnancy. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and I could not find any biblical resources on this topic. Here's what I wished I knew:  1. Fight for joy.There are going to be days when joy doesn't come easily. Pregnancy can be hard, it's uncomfortable, unglamorous, and a lot of times gross. I think especially when you have not made the choice to be pregnant every little…

How I Coped with an Unexpected Pregnancy #theeverygirl

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Tips for an unexpected pregnancy. -


How I Coped With an Unexpected Pregnancy #theeverygirl "Women who aren’t amped up about the possibility or reality of motherhood aren’t quite worthy enough for the privilege of parenting. And so women are left to wallow in a place where they aren’t allowed to be ambivalent when it comes to motherhood and parenting; society makes little space for mixed feelings during pregnancy."

WHAT TO EAT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING - A brief guide to the superstar foods you must add to your diet. #pregnancydiet #pregnancycare #maternitycare #pregnant #babycare #parenting #pregnancytips #babytips


This tip is for morning sickness but it would also help with other nausea ailments and sicknesses. Great tip!