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Pictures of the day: 16 September 2013

Underwater rugby is the ultimate test of strength, speed and swimming ability. Two teams of athletes battle it out in a pool to score goals with a weighted ball. Players use their endurance, strength and agility to beat the opposition and place the ball in a metal bucket on the floor of the pool. Underwater rugby is different from other contact sports as the opposition can attack from all sides, propelled by flippers.


Uncanny Sports: Underwater Rugby! Imagine a two rugby teams playing a match in a swimming pool and you have Underwater Rugby. Each team uses full snorkeling equipment. They try to score goals at the bottom of the pool.

Underwater Rugby, Unterwasserrugby, Uppopallo, Rugby Subacuatico


SCUBA SCOOP/latest dive stories: Tackling underwater rugby at 74

SCUBA SCOOP/latest dive stories: Tackling underwater rugby at 74:::THROWBACK THURSDAY! Originally published July 10, 2010

Underwater Rugby - Referee Hand Signals (Underwater Rugby, Unterwasserrugby, Uppopallo, Rugby Subacuatico)