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Undertale music <<<< His Theme: the one that brings nostalgia and tears. It's raining somewhere else: #herecomestherain #waitthat'smytears #sans

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This is true, I literally always listen to music when writing a report or studying. It helps.

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Okay this is why I can't listen to the soundtrack in public. I would literally turn into mettaton.

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megalovania meme When listening to soundtracks in public, I'm always curious how many people in the immediate vicinity are nerds like me PX

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2016: The Year in Stats From the smash success of the "Undertale" soundtrack to a lot of people using the word "Home" in their song titles here's what happened on Bandcamp this year.

I FEEL IT IN MY BONES... hahah... hmm.>>Hit me right in my heart *cue Determination soundtrack*

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